A robust and spacious boat

Her size (26 m length x 8 m wide) allows comfort on board and port facilities. Kama Bay has 160 m² of open decks.

  • Low deck: 4 passenger cabins, crew quarter and technical zone
  • Main deck: 2 passenger cabins, inner lounge (35 m² air-conditioned), outside salon (35 m² covered), Captain quarters, galley
  • Upper deck: open lounge (40 m² covered out of 100 m²),wheelhouse, technical area (50 m² for nautical equipment)
  • Solarium: 25 m²

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6 double cabins: 5 cabins with single or double beds (juxtaposed with over-mattress) and 1 double-bed cabin (180×200 cm).

Cabins are 12-13 m² and have 2 or 3 portholes of 60 cm of diameter each. 4 cabins are on lower deck and 2 on main deck. All the cabins are “En Suite” (private shower and toilet) air-conditioned.

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Privative toilet and shower

Each cabin is equipped with a shower and toilet room. Bathrobes are available in each cabin. Beach towels are changed every return from sandy beach. Hand towels and bath towels are changed every 3 days at least (according to the number of guests on board).

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Safety on board

  • The Kama Bay is classified each year and followed annually in first category of navigation (all ocean crossings).
  • Day navigation is the best way to discover magnificent sceneries of hundreds of islands. Anchorings are possible in this untouched environment.
  • The ship is equipped with a complete communication system for total safety on board: satellite Phone and Data as defibrillator.
  • People who cannot swim are not allowed to travel aboard the Kama Bay. Children aged 12 and older are welcome (aged 8 and older if Kama Bay is entirely reserved for one single family). During the journey, children will stay under the exclusive surveillance of parents.


Good environmental practises

  • Kama Bay has an anti-pollution equipment certificate.
  • All toilets are equipped with integrated crushers. Waste waters are not discharged into sea but in a “black water tank”. “Black water Tank” is emptied, under captain’s control, and in agreement with the specifications of the marine parks.
  • Waste sorting on board: not one garbage or non- organic waste is discharged into sea.
  • All wastes (including organic ones) are brought back on board after a ride or a lunch on an island or on the beach.
  • The passengers have to adopt an eco-responsible attitude towards biotopes and submit themself to the regulations in force in the visited marine parks: respect for wildlife, plants ans seabeds.


Tehnical specificities

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