Nautical activities

  • 2, 3 seats sailing dinghies Laser Pico
  • 2 big tenders 100 CV each to explore coast
  • 2, 2 seat canoes
  • 2 underwater scooters for snorkling
  • Water-skiing equipment
  • Diving compressor (reserved for diving clubs)
  • Fishing rods

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Relaxation and idleness

Kama Bay allows moments of relaxation or games among friends and family.

  • Sun deck of 25m2
  • Sound system Bose® onboard
  • Plasma screen (hundreds of digitized movies, games, PS3)
  • WIFI internet near coastOn evening, after a beautiful day of islands exploration: ground evening, movies, music, talks around a glass, reading of comics, video games and “casino” games (Poker, Backgammon, Roulette, etc.)

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Cooking and meal

Kama Bay’s captain is also an experienced chef (ex-restaurant owner in France). He cooks western and Thai cooking, with simple and delicious recipes. The meals are complete and varied, including oven-roasted, grilled or steamed meals.

Kama Bay has specific menus for the special events (anniversaries, New Year’s eves, etc.) or for special diets (without gluten, without milk, etc.)

This cuisine is made of very fresh sea products bought from the fishermen directly on their boats or to their returns from fishing, sometimes fished aboard Kama Bay. The meat is bought in Thailand in stores certified for the respect for the cold chain and food safety then preserved in deep freezers aboard Kama Bay.

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The crew

Captain Bertrand Boniteau welcomes you aboard Kama Bay in a refined but relaxed atmosphere. The crew of Kama Bay’s crew is French and English-speaking. There are 4 to 5 highly qualified and experienced members:

  1. Captain / chef: French nationality – Languages: Fr/Eng – Experience of 35 years as captain of charter cruises on world’s seas.
  2. Captain in second / Mechanical expert: Mauritian nationality – Languages: Fr/Eng – Graduate Captain 200 with a 1 year experience aboard Kama Bay
  3. Sailor: Philippine nationality – Languages: Ph/Eng
  4. Hostess: Philippine nationality – Languages: Ph/Eng – 1 year experience aboard Kama Bay
  5. 2nd hostess (according to the number of passengers on board): French nationality – Languages Fr/Eng

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